It's TV ON HIATUS for radio on the internet. Brett Cropley, Marian Blythe, Nicola Holiday, Steele Saunders and Dave Lawson present Boxcutters to fulfil a very important need: Television deserves respect. At a time when TV is producing better storylines, better drama and better comedy than any other form of entertainment (we're talking about you, Movies) there needs to be an outlet for independent discussion about the medium. Boxcutters is that outlet. Every week Boxcutters brings you news about the world of television, reviews, interviews and opinions (and a lot of love). Founded by Brett Cropley, Josh Kinal and Ross McQueen, the roster of regular presenters includes John Richards, Nelly Thomas, Courteney Hocking, Dave Lawson, Marian Blythe, Rachel Howe, Steele Saunders and Chris "Angry Old Man" Tuddy. For your delectation we present Boxcutters.

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